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Opportunities to Learn, Daven, & Connect

The KOT Beit Midrash


Join a super fun and friendly learning opportunity at KOT where we will delve into questions into relevant and interesting questions in Jewish life by learning Halacha from the sources in the Talmud through to modern day halachic authorities. We will be taking part in an international program with 22 000+ learners across the globe using a comprehensive and clear curriculum designed to make learning accessible to all. We will be covering topics such as the Laws of visiting the sick [bikur cholim], cosmetic surgery, artificial insemination and in-vitro fertilization, aveilut and more. To take part and order a copy of our learning material please contact me at Stay tuned for additional details.

For classes on Zoom


1. Download zoom web chat at OR download the app at the app store and sign up.


2. Open up the following link which will take you right to the session-  


3. If you prefer to CALL IN and not use video, you can dial: 646-568-7788 and enter meeting ID: 810-915-6125




Is there something you're interested in learning?

Contact Rabbi Bergman.

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