Davening at KOT

COVID Update: Kabbalat Shabbat

Due to the need to keep social distance during COVID19 the shul is closed, however we are meeting weekly for a Virtual Kabbalat Shabbat35 minutes before candlelighting on Fridays via Zoom.


Virtual Kabbalat Shabbat will include a D'var Torah and Paul's Joke but we will not be accepting Shabbat and will stop the tefila prior to that point.


1. Download zoom web chat at https://zoom.us/ OR download the app at the app store and sign up then


2. Open up the following link which will take you right to the session- https://zoom.us/j/8109156125   



3. If you prefer to CALL IN and not use video, you can dial: 646-568-7788 and enter meeting ID: 810-915-6125

COVID Update: Shabbat Morning  (As of January 2021)

Please daven at home for the time being.