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How to Use PayPal Checkout

You do not have to have a PayPal account/login to make a donation or payment to KOT. You can use PayPal as a guest as a secure way to run any major credit card/debit card.

If making a donation or purchasing from a special event there's a good change the donation amount will already be entered at checkout, if making a general payment or donation you will have to enter the payment amount.

There is also a space to write any notes: what the money is for, who is making the donation, etc.

Last but not least you can choose to use PayPal to check out or you can click "Seller will send payment instructions" and we will have to reach out to you to arrange payment. Note: if you choose that method your donation/payment has not been made.

How to Paypal.png

Step 1 of Check Out:

Step 2 of Check Out (Using PayPal):

PayPal Instructions.png
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