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KOT Young Families

KOT welcomes families with children to our shul!

Children's program varies, and programming is announced in our weekly email/newsletter. There is a playroom available every week and children are always welcome at services.
Story Time

       Bobby's                                                 Stories

Beloved KOT member, Bobby Minkoff z''l, was known for his wonderful stories. We're fortunate to be able to share a few

stories of his from a cd Bobby made with Bob Berghash. These stories are great for folks of all ages, but especially for our children. Enjoy!

01 Bal Shem TovB. Minkoff & B. Berghash
00:00 / 02:05
02 - Sultan & The rooster(1)B. Minkoff & B. Berghash
00:00 / 11:15
03 The Most Precious giftB. Minkoff & B. Berghash
00:00 / 06:20
04 - The Tale of the Sukkah(1)B. Minkoff & B. Berghash
00:00 / 04:01
05 Yankel The BlacksmithB. Minkoff & B. Berghash
00:00 / 06:13

Bal Tem Shov, The Most Precious Gift, and The Tale of the Sukkah narrated by Bobby Minkoff.

Sultan & The Rooster and Yankel the Blacksmith narrated by Bob Berghash.

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